LLC Northern Dragon

The company «Northern Dragon»

The LLC Northern Dragon — was established in March 2011 as a company focused on the practical co-operation and integration with companies in China, Southeast Asia and parts of Russia.
The LLC Northern Dragon provides a full range of services in customs clearance, performs transportation from the Asia-Pacific region to all regions of Russia, makes search for and delivery of goods from countries that provide services to product certification and design of all permits for imported goods.

For the full logistics solutions company uses the full range of information, financial, and structural engineering resources and holds a strong position in the market of forwarding services.

The company has a highly professional staff members who have special education, a successful experience and technical skills to solve the multi-purpose tasks.

The LLC Northern Dragon has business relationships with representatives of large and medium-sized businesses in the territory of Siberia and the Far East and European Russia. The LLC Northern Dragon is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Nakhodka (the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce) to develop business cooperation with the economic centers of Southeast Asia and regions of Russia.