Advice for foreign economic activity and customs clearance

Specialists of the company «Northern Dragon» — have considerable experience in foreign trade, and constantly raise the level.

The nomenclature of goods to be drawn up by our company is very diverse both in product groups and country of origin, import and export goods.

At any stage we can offer you several options for optimizing the process design and choose the best.

The company «Northern Dragon» — provides advice on any matter which relates to foreign trade and customs clearance.

Specialists of the company assisted in the design of shipping documents for all types of import and export goods, preparing transportation, licensing and other mandatory documents.

The company «Northern Dragon» — performs all customs operations related to the customs clearance of goods, together with the participant of foreign economic activity is preparation of a full package of customs documents, including the certification of products and obtaining the necessary permits.

Advice for traders and customs clearance, provided our experts can solve not only the issues of design required for the transport of cargo and customs clearance documents, but also the choice of the optimal mode of delivery. Representatives of the company "Northern Dragon" - can be prepared by the transport and logistics chain for delivery of cargo, both in Russia and abroad, taking into account the peculiarities of delivery on the territory of other countries.